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K2 Energy (Suzhou) Ltd. is being created by the investor, K2 Energy Hong Kong Ltd. on April 2011 in SIP. K2 Energy Hong Kong Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. located in Henderson, NV, USA. 凯途能源位于美国内华达州的亨德森,于2011年4月在中国苏州工业园区投资设立凯途能源(苏州)有限公司。
K2 Energy Solutions, Inc.(“K2”) was founded in 2006 in Henderson, Nevada to develop, engineer and manufacture an innovative family of large format batteries and battery systems based upon lithium iron phosphate (“LFP”) technology. K2 has been in business for over 8 years and has a proven track record of success. Since inception, K2 has successfully built a strong portfolio of core technology and has commercialized a market leading product line of battery cells and systems. 凯途能源2006年成立于美国亨德森,致力于研发、生产基于磷酸铁锂技术的大型电池及电池系统。在过去的8年里,凯途取得了优秀的成绩。自创建以来,凯途就拥有了强大的核心技术及客观的市场,使凯途在电池生产领域成为领军人物。
K2’s proprietary battery technology built on an LFP foundation provides increased safety and reliability over traditional lithium ion battery products. K2’s technology also provides improved weight, power, and cycle life performance versus existing Nickel Metal Hydride (“NiMH”) technology to competitively address high performance mobile applications. Target applications include electric vehicles (“EV”), hybrid electric vehicles (“HEV”), power tools, military, medical, telecommunications, electronics and alternative energy storage (smart grid, wind, solar and geothermal). 凯途能源的电池技术基于磷酸铁锂,相对于传统的锂电池更安全,更可靠。相对于镍氢电池,我们的电池在重量,容量和使用寿命上都有更好的表现。目标应用程序包括电动汽车(EV),混合动力电动汽车(HEV)、电动工具、军事、医疗、电信、电子产品和替代能源存储(智能电网,风能、太阳能和地热能)。
No other competitor can compare to K2’s experience in developing and producing LFP batteries. K2’s energy and power cells currently have the highest energy densities of any LFP products on the market and with its focus on product development and continuous improvement,K2 will continue to lead the LFP market. 还没有任何竞争对手可以超越凯途生产的电池,凯途的电池也占据了市场最大的密度,基于凯途专注于不断的发展和进度,也将保持磷酸铁锂市场的领军地位。

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